Marketing Package for Metro Deluxe Residences - $532/month

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SOCIAL MEDIA PLUS = $332/month

● 1 specially designed cover photo per month for your Facebook and Twitter page
● 12 graphic posts or posts a month (3x a week) on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, designed by our graphic artists
● Monitoring of social media followers and generating social analysis reports at the end of every month
● We'll feature your latest promos, blog posts, events, or special deals and turn it into a graphic ad that can be easily shared and liked by your followers.
Additional tasks:
● We'll optimize the about pages of your social profile so people can easily find it and associate it with your website.
● We'll add an inquiry form on your Facebook page
● Monitor the increase in followers and referral visits to your site from your social media channels. Social Media Sites: FB, G+ Instagram

BLOGGING PLUS = 200/month

3 unique articles per month about topics that will help promote your business or drive
more traffic to your website.
● One page is defined as content with up to 500 words; includes creation of meta title
and description (these are tags for search engines)
● Addition of social media sharing buttons to blog post.
● Image graphic per blog post