Techlok Azure Custom Work

  • $1,160.00 USD

This covers the payment for the custom work done on the Azure portion of the site.


Integrate Twillio account for sms and new smtp from Bernd for email 2 Hours
Create a super admin account & dash - needs to be able to bulk edit serials and device unlock codes 6 Hours admin dash
10 Hours to bulk edit module
10 Hours to device unlock codes
Need to bulk generate 1 million serial codes and unlock codes, then import them to the database as approved codes that exists. - SRE to handle; John to import 5 Hours UI for this module
Create a Password protected form. Not indexed or anything. The form will allow a manufacturer or somebody to request a 100 serial numbers and codes so they can manufacture them. Then send an autoresponder to the one who filled out the form 5 Hours Forms UI
20 Hours to serial number sand codes manufacture
Total: 58 Hours



Total: $1,160